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Bonjour (or, Hello as it may be)!

There’s now two different ways you can stay afloat of the latest happenings here on DCR, as well as a new method to support the blog.

Become a DCR Supporter!

First up is the paid ‘DCR Supporter’ option for $20/year. Basically, this makes you extra-awesome. But behind the scenes it enables you to support the blog without having to make any purchases via Amazon or the like. On top of simply being awesome, you’ll also get a totally ad-free experience. It’s like being in an ad-vacuum, they all go away!

You’ll also get a special login on the site, and a small badge next to your name anytime you comment.

Supporters will also enjoy an early heads-up on any quantity limited promotions that come our way. Plus, they’ll get special updates not seen by others. Not to mention first access to DCR goodies like DCR Merchandise!

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I use PayPal as a processing provider, but you need not have a PayPal account (it takes any credit card). I don’t store your credit card info, nor do I sell/giveaway your e-mail/info. But obviously you’re creating an account here to sign-in (so you can be super-special going forward and skip the ads).

Just The Newsletter:

You can also sign-up for just my newsletter – which is a roughly once a week collection of my posts and a few additional tidbits. Again, another thing that a gazillion of you have asked for, for many years. Oh, and The Girl writes it (check out the archives!).  Simply fill in in the details below and whack subscribe. Again, I never sell or give away your e-mail address. It’s just for me to send you updates – that’s it!

Thanks for the support!