How-To Guides

How to get and record cadence information on a spin or gym bike

Tonight, I had an epiphany.  Or at least, I had an improvement upon an idea that I had planned for months. One question I get a lot is how to measure cadence on an indoor spin bike, or gym stationary … Read More Here

How to find & create awesome cycling routes in a smarter way

Despite having lived in Paris almost a year now, I’ve rarely cycled outside of my little set of known routes and locales.  Partly because the weather has been so bad this winter that I spent a lot of it on … Read More Here

How and why I mount cycling gadget devices on my aerobars

I’ve always gotten questions as to why I mount various gadget devices on my aerobars, primarily from the belief that in doing so, I’d be blocking my ability to use my aerobars.  So, I figured I’d take a moment to … Read More Here

Tip of the Day: How to clean your trainer tire block…the easy way.

Recently I was taking some shots for a product review and somehow the trainer block that holds up my front tire ended up being part of the shot.  As I reviewed the shot in question on the camera, I realized … Read More Here

What I learned after getting hit by a car while cycling

It was exactly a year ago this past Sunday that while taking part in the 2010 Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon Race down in Tennessee that at roughly Mile 22 on the bike course I was flung into the air from my … Read More Here

Behind the scenes of Team HTC-Columbia and the Tour de France Live Tracker

Over the past week and a half of watching the Tour de France, you may have stumbled upon a site that allows you to track Team HTC-Columbia’s riders power, heart rate, cadence and speed data in real-time from your computer … Read More Here

A night with the Cervelo Technical Folk

Last Friday I got an invited to hang out with some folks from Cervelo for a night at the local tri shop (Bonzai) going through a fairly detailed technical presentation, primarily focused on aerodynamics of bikes.  I happily accepted the … Read More Here

A Power Primer – Cycling with Power 101

If you watched any of the Tour de France this summer, you probably heard the commentators and on screen graphics showing ‘Watts’, and if you went ‘What?” – this this post is for you.  As part of laying the groundwork … Read More Here

Goin’ compact on Skyline

One of the biggest benefits of having a coach is when he or she can look back at months of data and finds a way to assist you in getting better. In my case, it was almost a year’s worth … Read More Here

Things are made for a reason: Bike rack locks and wheel clips

The last few weeks my bike rack locks have been rather temperamental.  Not quite sure why, as I’ve been using them most of the winter for weekend rides out of the city.  But while I was fidgeting with them last … Read More Here

The miracles of degreaser

If you’re a triathlete or cyclist – then you likely find bike grease on just about every object you own.  And if you’re a runner, then you’ll still find this stuff pretty darn cool. Back last winter the bike shop … Read More Here

How to use CO2 for cycling – a beginners guide

So perhaps you were like me – afraid of the little cylinder.  Perhaps you thought it would just simply explode on you, or that when you went to use it you’d end up putting more CO2 into the the sky … Read More Here

The tire that just keeps on truckin’

Last summer and fall I was having the mother of all issues with flat tires.  I was flatting about once every 10 days.  Seriously.  ONCE every 10 days, sometimes more.  The good news is I got damn good at changing … Read More Here

The Girl’s 2015 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

Two weeks ago week I outlined every piece of gear that I regularly use in my day to day training or racing.  Not the stuff that I review for products, but rather, the goods that I always turn back to once … Read More Here

The 2015 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

It’s that time of year again – the “Swim/Bike/Run Gear I use List!”.  Well, ok, it was that time of year like 8 months ago, but life got in the way.  Thankfully, enough of you kept reminding me each week … Read More Here

Tricks to getting suitcases packed and workouts done while travelling

A number of you have asked recently how it is that I pack for work trips when it comes to working (or other sports).  I don’t remember the last time I took a trip and didn’t work out.  It’s just … Read More Here

DIY: How I made a trainer bike computer/iPad/phone stand for $30

I’m often testing a multitude of devices on the bike at once, usually just due to the limited time I have to try and gather data across the 4-5 products I might have in the queue for the bike alone.  … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Exercise gyms inside airports

As you well know, I travel a lot.  And while it’s relatively straight forward to train and travel with short flights up and down the coast in the US, it becomes much more difficult to travel and train when your … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How I manage 15+ Heart Rate Straps

Until rather recently I stored all my various sports gizmos and gadgets in a simple Rubbermaid container.  Well, mostly.  They kinda spilled out all over the place, so it was more like the Rubbermaid container plus a 6 foot radius. … Read More Here

The build: Looking at my mileage progression

When I was writing Tuesday’s post on how to train and plan for an extended race season (where triathlons go into November), I got to thinking a little bit about how my mileage builds each week.  I was pondering the … Read More Here

15 Must-Read Posts For New (And Vintage) Triathletes

It’s that time of year.  I noticed it tonight when I finished up my first brick-run of the season: The fake cherry tree on the side of my house had just started blooming.  It’s not a real cherry tree per … Read More Here

How I train, upload and get analysis from my Coach

I’ll admit it upfront – I’m really lucky.  Or rather, I’m really lucky to have a coach who’s so incredibly detail oriented that he’s thrilled to pour through whatever I upload – be it data files, text commentary, or photos … Read More Here

Training while travelling

After my trip to Spain, some folks asked me how I manage to find places to train while I’m travelling.  Given how often I travel (for work or holiday), it’s pretty important to be able to stay on top of … Read More Here

Thoughts on triathlon coaching

A get about an e-mail a day from someone asking for advice on topic XYZ or gizmo ZYX.  I’m always happy to help anyone who e-mails me – so feel free to keep the questions coming!  Every once in a … Read More Here

Training Logs

I’ve used a lot of training logs over the past two years. I’m kinda a training records nut-case. I want to know what I did, when I did it, and I want to be able to follow trends (which as … Read More Here

Spinning around after a long run

There are few times in my little athletic life where working out after I’ve already worked out sound appealing.  I’ve just finished another 20+ miler and my legs are already unhappy with me, but what’s on the schedule?  A bike … Read More Here

How to ski with your Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS

Like most Garmin users, I've run with my Forerunner, as well as the normal mountain or road bike journeys.  But as frequent readers will know, I've also pushed mine a bit more.  I've taken it on lake and ocean swims, … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to use The Pear to keep you from fainting

(Note From Ray - Quick Last Minute Heads Up: Today, Friday at 1PM the Washington Post will be doing a live Q&A chat with Columbia Triathlon Winner Lindsey Jerdonek.  You can quickly and easily submit questions now, so let’s show … Read More Here

How to travel (a lot) and still eat (mostly) healthy

I’ve talked in the past a bit about nutrition and how I balance my desire to eat everything that looks great with attempting to be healthy in my choices.  Yet how does that jive with all the travel I do … Read More Here

Chocolate Milk vs Endurox R4 Recovery Drink – Stimulus Edition

The other day I was chatting with a friend talking about recovery drinks.  I’ve been on a chocolate milk kick for a while now – as I’ve previously gone in depth on.  Given it’s been proven to be just as … Read More Here

The effects of a cold on athletic performance

Indoor trainers provide a really great way to analyze the effects of a given environmental parameter without all of the fuss of the environment itself changing. Last Saturday I had an indoor trainer workout.  The exact same workout I did … Read More Here

Wine vs. Workouts: Effects of alcohol

I don’t drink a lot, never really have – but I certainly enjoy an occasional beverage.  By ‘not a lot’, I would say I maybe had four drinks all summer long.  Yes…not a lot. Last Friday night I went out … Read More Here

Milking the chocolate cow

There is no greater food than chocolate.  I'll do just about anything for chocolate.  Perhaps the only thing that's greater than chocolate itself, is some other item covered in chocolate.  Like chocolate donuts, chocolate covered raisins,  or chocolate lava cakes.  … Read More Here

The water bottle assembly and storage system

Some ideas I manage to conjure up myself...but others are best borrowed.  I was at a friends house for a party a number of weeks ago and noticed that they had dedicated a full kitchen cabinet for water bottles.  It … Read More Here

How to kick butt in indoor triathlon races

This past weekend’s indoor triathlon race got me thinking about how indoor triathlons are in many ways very different tactically than outdoor triathlons.  Sure, both have swim/bike/run objectives – but the way in which different indoor races are run forces … Read More Here

How to select your races for next year

It’s that time of the year where the triathlon events start to go on sale for next year, and also the time of year where you’ve got to pick and choose how to structure your season.  In some ways, how … Read More Here

How to effectively pace and route your running race

It’s September.  Which means that all (ok, probably just many) of you are preparing to run some sort of race.  Perhaps you’ve already run a shorter race this season on the way to that goal.  For me, my main race … Read More Here

Comparing Race Times, PR’s, and Others Results

A recent discussion with some friends around groups and training teams comparing race times got me thinking a bit about how most of us glance at race times we see on the Internet and make broad assumptions about one’s athletic … Read More Here

The Art of Pacing with a Garmin

One of the primary reasons you’d buy a training device like a Garmin Forerunner or similar would be to allow you to pace more effectively, whether that be in training or racing.  While most folks understand that once you turn … Read More Here

Guest Post: How to take great triathlon photos

Note from Ray: Hi All!  I’m venturing into my first guest poster on the blog.  Bruce is not only the guy who takes all my awesome triathlon race pictures, but also flies The Girl and I around to races.  Bruce … Read More Here

Race Day & Race Travel Checklists

Every time I travel to a race, my biggest worry is that I’m going to forget something.  You know, something so tiny – but so important, such as a small-but-required part for my bike, or sometimes something even much bigger … Read More Here

What is qualifying? The definitive guide to the biggies

Back a while ago, someone asked what all the hubbub was about ‘qualifying’ for various big events within the Triathlon or Running world.  So here’s the quick rundown of how it all works for the top events in each sport.  … Read More Here

Rainmaker rant: Race photo companies

If you read my blog often, you know that I have little love for the majority of race-day photo companies.   These being the companies that are on the course during a race and take our photos, and then offer to … Read More Here

How to race tri’s with a Garmin Forerunner or Edge

While I have many posts on how to get the most from your Garmin Forerunner, it was pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually have any posts on how best to race with it.  So this one will … Read More Here

My requests to race directors

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come up with a list of things that I like – and don’t like – about races.  I’m going to keep it bulleted, just to simplify things.  I’m hoping that at least one … Read More Here

Finalizing the list and checking it thirty billion times

It’s not even the end of the race year yet – and I’m already putting on the finishing touches for next year. One of the sucky things (actually, really the only sucky thing) about triathlons is how early the races … Read More Here

Are you in the lost and found bin?

We've all eagerly awaited for our race-day photos to appear on the photographing companies web site.  Sometimes we get awesome shots, most times we get unflattering shots...and then sometimes we're missing in action.  You then ask yourself: How could they … Read More Here

Fun with a Garmin GPS while running on cruise ships at sea

Ever since booking our honeymoon months ago I was curious exactly what the GPS map would look like while running outside on the circular running track while the ship was underway at sea.  Would you be able to see the … Read More Here

Racing the line – understanding how courses are measured

Last week on one of my review posts, someone asked why their Garmin GPS showed a longer distance than the actual course distance of the National Marathon.  Of course, there are two possible explanations, but likely only one is the … Read More Here

How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues

No matter the product, eventually, for every product review I post, sooner or later someone has a power related accuracy issue with their unit. In today’s post, I’ll be focusing on power meter and trainer accuracy issues. But perhaps down … Read More Here

How I capture photos while openwater swimming

(Both The Girl and I are incredibly sad about the attack that occurred in Nice last night.  Bastille Day - La fête nationale- is our favorite day of the year here in France, and is incredibly special on so many … Read More Here

How I configure my watches (and bike computers)

It’s been a number of years since I last wrote about how I setup my different GPS devices when it comes to screens for training and racing.  Given it’s one of the most popular questions around these parts, I figured … Read More Here

Understanding continual (24/7) optical HR data and resting heart rate

(Updated April 9th, 2017) More and more devices over the last 1-2 years have begun to include the ability to record your heart rate (HR) data around the clock.  No longer are you limited to just workout HR data, but … Read More Here

So you just got a GPS fitness device for Christmas? Start here: 2013 Edition

Congrats!  So you’ve just unboxed a new GPS watch/device?  Good deal, here’s how you can get started in understanding how best to take advantage of your newfound toy.  Of course, unlike that dessert you’ll eat later on tonight (or, perhaps, … Read More Here

How to find & create awesome cycling routes in a smarter way

Despite having lived in Paris almost a year now, I’ve rarely cycled outside of my little set of known routes and locales.  Partly because the weather has been so bad this winter that I spent a lot of it on … Read More Here

How to download Garmin workouts to your tablet (Android, iPad, Windows Surface)

A complete step by step tutorial to downloading from your Garmin to Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Windows Surface.

How to download free maps to your Garmin Edge 520/705/800/810/820/1000 & Touring

The Garmin Edge series of cycling computers is roughly split into two categories: Those that have a mapping function, and those that don’t.  Mapping in this case means that the units also have routable navigation – just like your car … Read More Here

So you just got a GPS fitness device for Christmas? Start here: 2012 Edition.

Congrats!  So you’ve just unboxed a new GPS watch/device?  Good deal, here’s how you can get started in understanding how best to take advantage of your newfound toy.  Of course, unlike that dessert you’ll eat later on tonight (or, perhaps, … Read More Here

Annual Public Service Announcement: How to fix heart rate strap dropouts/spikes

I just wanted to put out a quick post as a reminder for folks that may be running into heart rate strap spiking or dropout issues with colder/dryer weather.  A dropout is when the strap monitoring your heart rate records/displays … Read More Here

What are your favorite Mac sports tracking and log apps?

You’ve been asking for it for a long, long, long time. And while I do make reference to Mac options within most product reviews, I haven’t written up a full post on all the options out there for day to … Read More Here

How to fix heart rate strap chaffing issues

A day or two ago, someone posted to Slowtwitch with an issue where they were getting chaffing issues with the Garmin soft strap, to the point of the skin being red and raw.  This was primarily in the area of … Read More Here

The Top 7 iPhone Swim, Bike, and Run apps I use regularly and why

While I certainly get offers to test out physical hardware and gadgets quite often – the number of requests to test out apps far outnumbers that by a fair margin.  The challenge though with apps is that many apps are … Read More Here

Why the New York Times GPS running article missed the boat

Yesterday the New York Times published in print and online a rather bizarre article on GPS running watches, one that essentially concluded that they were an “unreliable running partner”.  Now my goal isn’t meant to defend GPS watches, but rather … Read More Here

A look at Garmin Auto Lap by position for track and circuit loop use

Many of you probably use the most common version of auto lap today for your runs and rides, with it automatically marking laps based on a predefined distance such as every mile or kilometer.  But if you’re doing a course/route … Read More Here

The Garmin ANT+ Footpod Calibration Tool

A bit ago I stumbled upon a really cool tool that allows you to determine your Garmin ANT+ footpod calibration factor based on existing run data that you might have already run with your footpod.  For example, if you’re like … Read More Here

2011 Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part II

(Note: If you’re just joining me in Part II, be sure to read Part I, which covers the first half of the tests. Also of note: A few weeks after the test was published Garmin released a new firmware update … Read More Here

2011 Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part I

(Also note: A few weeks after the test was published Garmin released a new firmware update that fixes the FR610 issues, and I redid some of the tests here). Last fall to the request of many I put together a … Read More Here

An inside look at downloading FR310XT workouts to the web without a computer

You may remember quite a while back I showed off the Wahoo Fitness iPhone dongle.  This handy dandy little white pod the size of a quarter plugs into the bottom of your iPhone/iPod and allows connections to ANT+ devices such … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Avoid Doing The GPS Dance

Given it’s Friday and if you’re like me by this time of the week you’re probably just looking for a quick read.  So I’m offering you a quick tip that I use to ensure I spend less time waiting around, … Read More Here

So you just gotta Garmin Fitness watch? Start here.

A whole lot of ya just got new Garmin Forerunner’s and Edge devices over the last few days, so I figured what better way to get you all kick-started into the world of GPS running devices than a consolidated post … Read More Here

How calorie measurement works on Garmin fitness devices

There are few topics that cause more confusion, intrigue and general ‘Huh?’ in the sports world than calorie burn.  While many runners or cyclists often estimate calorie burn (and thus cookie allocation metrics) using borderline sketchy back of the napkin … Read More Here

Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part II

(Note: If you’re just joining me in Part II, be sure to read Part I, which covers the first half of the tests) As we left off in Part I, the tests thus far had been largely easy.  By that … Read More Here

Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part I

Newcomers to GPS sport devices like the Garmin Forerunner or Timex Global Trainer often wonder exactly how accurate the devices are.  And seasoned users occasionally notice small oddities when comparing their run totals between training partners on the same run.  … Read More Here

How to fix cold/dry weather erratic heart rate readings

It’s that time of year again.  No, not that time of year.  Nor that time of year.  But rather, the time of year when your heart rate readings start to resemble a seismic monitor more than a representation of your … Read More Here

How I capture photos while openwater swimming

(Both The Girl and I are incredibly sad about the attack that occurred in Nice last night.  Bastille Day - La fête nationale- is our favorite day of the year here in France, and is incredibly special on so many … Read More Here

Analyzing your swim technique in the pool with the GoPro HD

As part of my never ending quest to improve my swim from not-so-great to ‘better', I’ve been recently playing around with the waterproof GoPro HD camera in the pool.  This allows me to record video of my swimming (as well … Read More Here

Swimming the line

Last week following the Nation’s Triathlon, I stumbled on some pictures on Flickr from the event.  There was a huge assortment of pics taken on that day – ones of athletes during each of the sports, a few artistic ones, … Read More Here

Swimming in the Potomac

I’ve been meaning to post this forever, mostly cause I have these totally awesome photos sitting in a folder. As some of you may know – you’re not allowed to swim in the Potomac river in the waters of the … Read More Here

Fearing the swim? Fear not.

It's been less than a year since I started swimming.  My first pool swim was on April 9th, 2007.  That day it took me 40 minutes to go 750 yards, or an average of 5:00/100 yards.  Seriously.  I think doggie … Read More Here

One big ice cube – swimming in cold water

Many of us 'retire' from open water swimming for the winter.  Some of us have the excuse that our dear little puddle of water is frozen over.  And then there are those of us that simply turn off the thought … Read More Here

How to swim with your Garmin Forerunner GPS

After purchasing the Garmin Forerunner, I was determined to use it as much as possible to get the most out of my money.  On an average day I have two training runs/rides/swims, and I use the GPS for every outdoor … Read More Here

How to kick start your way to your first triathlon

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a number of questions from those interested in completing their first triathlon this season.  While much of what I write here tends to be geared towards the more advanced athlete, it’s time to … Read More Here

Guest Post: Sleeping My Way to the Top Part II: The Race Report

Note from Ray: Here’s the second part of ITU Pro Triathlete and friend Lindsey Jerdonek’s experience with using an altitude tent ahead of her first ITU World Cup race.  If you’re not familiar with how ITU racing differs from age … Read More Here

Guest Post: Sleeping My Way to the Top

Note from Ray: When up and coming ITU Pro Triathlete and friend Lindsey Jerdonek  approached me about finding an altitude tent for doing a product review in preparation for her first ITU World Cup race, I immediately thought it’d make … Read More Here

The Bricks: An inside look at my weekly brick workouts

This seasons mid-week brick workouts started quite a while ago, probably about two or so months now that I think about it.  Technically speaking I actually have two brick workouts a week.  The second one attached to my long ride, … Read More Here

Many many loops….transition practice!

With a race just over 24 hours away, it was time to get in some much needed transition practice.  Why practice transitions you ask?  Well, it’s easy free time.  Sure, people always say ‘free time’, but that’s not exactly true … Read More Here

Thoughts from a (new) USAT Referee (or…what I’m looking for)

In addition to racing this past weekend, I also became a new USAT Certified Official Referee.  The process involves wading through an extensive 91 page manual (very in depth by the way, but also fairly well written and easy to … Read More Here

A list of cool tri/running/cycling wallpapers

Back a bit ago I was stumbling around Garmin’s site trying to find something or other and I bumped into their nifty collection of wallpapers that you can download.  From there I got curious and started poking around other companies … Read More Here

Comparing M-Dot Ironman races to Non-Dot races

If you’ve been around the triathlon block a few times, you probably already know that the official ‘Ironman’ name and race series is actually a trademarked asset of the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).  As such, no other races may call … Read More Here

Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Age Group Drug Testing

A few weeks back, the World Triathlon Corporation (owners of Ironman and 70.3 races) announced that it would be increasing and expanding it’s programs around drug testing. However, it’s the follow little snippet that caught everyone’s attention: “Additionally, a Registered … Read More Here

How aero can you go?

Coach Alan and I were chatting via e-mail about a variety of topics yesterday and he brought up the topic of my aero position, based on one of the pictures from my IMC race report – in particular – this … Read More Here

To improve my running, I need to improve my cycling

I was chatting with the coach the other day and noted that one of my goals for 2009 is to really improve on my run off the bike.  I can run quite well independent of a triathlon, but my runs … Read More Here

The rear rack

I’ve received a number of e-mails and questions about my rear hydration/rack system on my tri bike.  So this is just a quick post to explain the various components.  The reason some have asked is that the Cervelo’s P2C’s are … Read More Here

In Transition…T1…T1…T1…

After last evening’s 90 minute swim (back and forth a gazillion times), it was time to quickly pack up the automotive transition area and head over to the coach’s place to go through transition ‘refinement’ and practice. Translation: He must … Read More Here

Aerobars Review Part II

I set out earlier last week to decide which were the best aerobars for me.  The bike shop guys were fairly useless in their ability to help me choose - but I was someone expecting that since it's a 'personal … Read More Here

Twofer: New Aerobars & New Running Group

Tonight was a good night in training land.  I had decided last spring when I first got my road bike that I would just get 'decent' at handling a road bike before I put on aerobars.  I reasoned that if … Read More Here